Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Character and Item Stats

It feels like I've renamed a thousand thousand properties in classes, updated a myriad of methods across the database, the editor and the app itself today, but although it was hideously mind-numbing, it went by pretty quickly and without too many hassles. A few typos that were quickly resolved proved about the most challenging.

Anyways, enough whining, the awesome news is that character stats finally update nicely, along all the places that they should. I know there's a few more small things to add, but the lions share is there, and working exactly as it should be.

As you can see, the character screen for my intrepid fighter character, Melee and Ranged stats are there, as is his armor, defence and saves - and as I spent this evening adding fields for the affinity schools, there's not really items with those stats in the game yet, so I added the buff to his sword to test that the code functioned. It did.


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