Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Items, Stats and Buffs

So, yesterday, I was rather sure that I didn't have code to remove effect stats from player characters - turns out I do, it's tucked away neatly into the same function that adds effect stats to them, which is actually a really good place for it to be. Past coder me was smort. I also didn't think I had a bit of code to recalculate stats for effects and auras as items were equipped and un-equipped. That part was true, but I whipped one up today, and it's now being triggered in all the places it should be. It's rather inefficient, recalculating everything anytime a character puts something on or takes it off, but you know, right now, I can deal with that - and it's not noticeable at all, so that's a "make elegant later" problem.

In bugs that I did find this evening, 'cause, of course there are those, items aren't quite right with Armor vs Defence ratings. Like I did say yesterday, originally there was only going to be one stat, and so I think I need to find a few places to add some extra class property modifications to. Other than that, I'm really nicely surprised, but even after a really long and tiring day at work, this is great progress - and again, although there's bugs here and there, things mainly, for the most part, and I don't want to jinx it - are working.

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