Monday, May 20, 2024

Character Skills and Pre-Requisites

I'm only halfway through the code this evening, with an hour or two left still, but I'm tweaked the character skills code to correctly understand skill pre-requisites, so that the trees work nicely as they should. 

 I have some more work to do in the data itself, as I've only really started creating the skill trees, and I know a lot of the views will change, but this is also a great excuse to show off what the Fighter Protection tree is likely to look like - probably, about, maybe.

Obviously there will be some skills based on threat management for this character, but also a mix of Activated and Passive skills that increase the survivability of this class. I'm yet to code up the functionality, but there's also an intercept skill I'd like to throw in there, letting this character charge-in-front-of and/or yank-out-of-the-way a companion to protect them.

The work I'll be focusing on over the next little bit will be to get the code working for these funky abilities that have some sort of special behaviour, over and above the basic functionality that I have written up already. I'd like to, but probably won't work out how to have the game understand all these at the same time, so that if the player turns a character to be game-controlled it'll do all the right things as needed. Again, love to, probably won't get it done in stride straight off the bat.

More on skill trees, and a deeper look into individual abilities in the future.

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