Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Burning the Midnight Flaming Oil

Late in the evening last night, I wasn't quite ready for bed, so whipped out the code to get working on more things with Abilities. Months ago, when I was chatting with my mates, Nath in particular detail, about how abilities could work - and on the topic of if abilities that target an area, I was torn between "they hit EVERYTHING in that space, friend or foe" and "when you do damage, you don't hit your guys, when you heal, you don't heal monsters!". Nath made the glaringly obvious comment that I'd missed. Why not a little of column A and a little of Column B - meaning have some abilities that are indiscriminate, and others that are smarter - so last night I finally got around to implementing that.

So, some abilities will be quite basic, hitting anything within the target area, some will stop splash damage to allies, and not heal monsters and some will fall in between, with a chance of adverse effects per target in the area. This will mean that often, as your characters ability levels improve, they'll be able to use abilities with much more efficiency, and that those abilities will be able to be used in completely new ways!

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