Monday, January 15, 2024

Ranged Attacks & Abilities and Character Stats

Last night, I got some really good coding time in, sorting out some code for abilities (yay!) finally. Abilities that are delivered by a Ranged Attack, so things that will tack onto an arrow shot from a bow or something like that, now have the range of that weapon applied correctly. So the longer the range on your weapon, the more distance you can cover using that ability, so good weapons will be really valuable to the right characters.

Additionally, I got to fixing up the character screens, which meant also working out all the stats that will be needed. I've got a bunch of these already there sitting in the background, but having them properly displayed, so I can check them quickly and easily is great. I'll still have to do a landscape layout, but I'll work with this for a bit, work out what I've missed and then fix it up before making the landscape version.

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