Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Loot, Loot, Loot, Loot, Lootely-Loot

The last few evenings have been thoroughly brain-juice-draining which is a polite way to say, I've been writing editor interfaces for some reasonably complex database structures, which in turn is a polite way of saying stuff that's not overly fun or exciting. But..... but.... but. It's (mainly) done. I will certianly go back in and tweak the UI to make it neater and better, but the general bits are working.

I can create a list of items as a possible lootdrop, all with weightings and settings around how many things drop, whether they need specific events to drop and so on, and then combine THOSE into another list that I can then give additional weightings to, connect to events and so on - and connect that to a creature as a loot drop. 

It is probably a bit more complex than I'd originally thought I'd do - I mean, why not just a loot table per creature, right? But this lets me re-use certain lists nicely. A Giant Spider, and a Monstrous Spider might all have a chance of dropping some random spidery-gobble-di-goops - and I can make a list of those, and connect it nicely to each spider, but then add in a different set for the harder creature, or connect to a particular meat or venom type for individual spider types. All about re-using. It's also a great way I think, of creating some rather large loot drop lists, for humanoids, and not have to recreate them for every type of pirate, brigand, scumbag and bully who walks the world.

Tomorrow, it will be time to start pulling all that into the app nicely and then starting work on the screens to let the player pick through what loot they want and add it to their inventories (as well as writing the server code for all that).

Good progress, even if it's mind-numbing to write all this editor stuff.

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