Thursday, November 23, 2023

Loot (and also Item Stacking), but mainly Loot!

A good bunch of code has been written since the last update, most of it seeming to be much more behind-the-scenes in terms of what it felt like, but.... but... the game now creates proper loot drops, that can be picked up and put into inventories nicely. I've also (partially) implemented item stacking, so items that should be stacked can be stacked on one another. Very amusingly, there was more code written and changed to accomplish that than there was for a lot of other things - and I know that's not complete yet. So, I need to keep tweaking that, to be able to split stacked items apart, trade portions of a stack to another character, or even to sell a partial stack.

But. We can loot stuff, and the game handles loot tables nicely. And that's another step in the right direction. So yeah, it's all moving along.

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