Sunday, November 12, 2023

Editor Interface for Loot Drops

Quick update, I've been hammering out the editor interface code to let me create drops and managed to get halfway through what I need I think. There's two interfaces that I need to complete to make it work in the way that I want, and I managed to get one of them done.

So currently, using the items I've got made up, I can create a loot table and set up item weightings within it. All the usual, updates, deletes and so on work nicely now. So, with some luck, tomorrow, I'll get to the next bit that ties them together, as I've made them hopefully in a way to let me re-use certain lists. If I make a "Goblin Junk" list for example, I want to be able to attach that to all types of goblins, but also make a list called "Goblin Treasure" and additionally attach that to higher level goblins, and so on. I've implemented some other code in a similar way already, and it's working a charm - so yes, more please tomorrow.

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