Saturday, November 11, 2023

Major Combat Fixes

I had a great code Saturday today, putting a lot of code into place-holders I had before, or things that I'd left unfinished. So, currently, I finally have encounters using a proper threat range outside of the combat system, I also tweaked that to show the encounter in a colour that will show how easy/hard it probably will be. 

But I've also fixed up a bunch of other code that had bugs in it, monsters will now TRULY not spawn on top of one another when a fight starts up, and I fixed up some of the early initiative settings again. While I did improve the way the game handles the device changing from portrait to landscape orientation, there's still a few layouts to tweak to get quite right (one of the Monster Info panels opens up on the wrong side as is visible in the quick capture for example).

I've noticed a bit of lag however in the UI with some of the recent HUD changes I made, so I might have to investigate that at some point to see what's going on there. It's only sometimes noticeable, so that's going to be a delight to track down.

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