Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Monster no dum-dum!

I've been at work on monster and encounter logic. I had it working reasonably nicely, but it really felt like bandaids on bandaids of code - and that's never good. So it's been a redo, taking into account all the things I want them to do, and even though I'm barely halfway through doing what I want, it's already much neater and nicer than what I had - which is always a great thing.

The logic is now directly controlled by settings I can pick and choose in the editor when creating a monster, so the setup is easy, then the encounter on screen simply inherits those characteristics from the biggest and meanest thing in there. I've also introduced a smarter way to deal with both party and general threat, but redoing the code around how monsters pick what to start a fight with - and how they go about it. There's still some ways to go with this, but at least some of what I am doing here will be able to be re-used for the combat logic itself - or similar versions to, so I'm happy to spend some extra time to get it right.

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