Friday, July 28, 2023

Quest Code Finally Working

Quests are finally working, at least to an MVP level. I managed to resolve all the issues I had with the right parts of the quest switching on, and allowing those interactions to happen, then turning off again properly and so on. The interface to create this is still taking longer than I want it to - but I think that's also potentially something that I just need to get used to in the sense of knowing how best to make the editor work.

On the to-do list, I still need to actually implement some sort of screen in the app so that when a quest completes, it will hand over the reward to the player, and at a more basic level, the only quests that function currently in the app are ones where you walk about and find/talk to various NPCs/locations, so I need to obviously set up the rest of the app to handle the "go and beat up xxx number of some beastie", or "find me xxx of some widgeteroo", but all the work I put into events and how they are handled seems to be working nicely. Things click on when they should, and stay turned off when they shouldn't be active.

Hopefully I can just tidy up the editor interface for creating quests and conversations a bit, maybe make the parts where I connect events to different things a bit more intuitive and that will help. I think all-in-all it's right, but if in the long run, I can make things easier, that'll be fantastic - but if in the end, it takes a bit of time/effort to make each quest, then so be it - but I'd rpefer quicker and easier.

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