Thursday, July 27, 2023

Quest Code Rework

I know I've gone and done a con-fuddle, but right now, it's just a bit beyond my ability to brain out. I'm basically reworking the way that events work, and tie into quests, so that your quest might be a "find me out...." or "talk to..." and that particular event only activates when you have the quest, but then once you complete that part, it de-activates again (but the server saves that you did it.... and it gets really complicated, really quick... and I've been circling it for a good part of the evening, and I just know I'm too tired mentally to get there. I'm almost there, but I know I'm not quite there. There's just too many things to mentally keep track of in these interactions.

So. Tomorrow, with a bit of luck, I'll be circling back into this code, to properly correct all the various interfaces I have in the editor, as well as the app itself, so that the right interaction triggers the right part of the quest, that it is saved properly to the server - and of course that the quest progresses as it should.

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