Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Animations, World and some Editor Updates

I haven't had much time tonight, but I got a bunch of little things done which have brought me some good contentment this evening.

I used the new editor interface for animations and models to put together a humanoid model of a rogue, then set the code to use that. That took more time scaling the input assets than it did for anything in the editor, so that was a great win.

I updated the bit of world around the waterfall I was playing with yesterday to make it look less awful. Also not a huge amount of time, which is sensational.

I tweaked the rendering engine as something I'd done at some point was causing the player character get rendered over the top of anything, which isn't supposed to happen. The character sprite does indeed walk behind things like trees and specific objects. It does that properly again.

And I spent a sliver of time starting up a new editor interface to create creatures, which I'll be adding to the encounters as I round that code out in the app and slowly lean towards actually having some sort of interaction and combat in the game. 

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