Friday, July 7, 2023

Creatures Editor Interface

Only a small passing update for tonight, it's been a very busy week with work, so time for code has been limited, but I did manage to get a few hours in this evening and finished off a ver 1.0 interface for the editor to create/update creatures, and started to circle back on the database as well as the Encounters editor interface to start adding the creatures into the current Encounters that are working nicely as ultra basic objects in the app now.

Yikes. I just realized what utter gobbledygook that comes across as. I worked on Creatures and how I can add them to Encounters in the editor. That's more human. 

With luck, tomorrow, I'll work on that further and not long in the future, start working on the app again to load up all the creatures, be able to have a creature repository in the app, like the other things, and be able to generate a proper spawn-table for each encounter. After that - and that's a good bit of work to get there - it's going to be... a combat interface of some sort I think.

Progress. Slow, delicious progress.

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