Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Item Factory Rises

This evening was quite productive - I took a step away from the android code and flipped into editor code mode (PHP and JS), working on the interface that will let me create items for the game. I didn't get that interface fully completed, there's a bunch of things I want it to do which are quite clever, but just considering the sheer volume of data points that each item will carry makes it amusingly (and annoyingly) tedious to have input fields and data entered where needed.

I did get a good ways to wrapping up at least the first iteration of the Item Interface though, so that's likely something I might be able to finish off (in a pretty manual version 1.0 way) before I use it for a bit, then make all the updates that will get it working the way I'd actually like to use it. Realistically, to complete the interface, I still need to write another few interfaces (one for Item Sets, and one for Buffs) but there's no rush for those things yet. I'll be happy to have some items in the game that I can use to test out all the functionality I've written for the various trade and equipment views.

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