Monday, March 13, 2023

Items, Items, and Items!

So, not going to lie in the slightest. For some reason, the editor interface for items really put me in a damned tarpit. I think it was the huge number of fields that I wanted to use for items, to cover off most of the various data points I would want to use in the table and make some nicely interfaced in the editor - then creating the code behind the scenes to update, insert and generally do all that other boring as hell stuff that's however indispensable.

Well, good news. That's done. (At least as done as I can do right now) and I've gone and created some items, made sure they all equip nicely into the right slots on the character, made sure all the code was working from before (boy-howdy were there some bugs in the code hah!) but finally, I have what is starting to look like a half-decent character inventory screen.

I have uncovered that I do not appear to own any assets for shoulder armor, and I need to go back and fix my items tables/data so that they can handle ammunition for ranged items properly. Not sure if that will need a table change yet, or just a better implementation of what I've got. Either way, it's not a long way off.

Next up, I should write an editor interface to be able to drag-and-drop creating various shops and what items they sell etc and connect them back to an NPC as I'm currently doing all that manually with SQL.

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