Sunday, March 19, 2023

Editor Shop Interface Complete

I made good progress over the weekend with the editor code. It might not seem like an important bit of progress to round out the editor interface for creating shop inventories, but I'd not realistically be able to make the game world at any reasonable pace if I didn't have this in place. Being able to load up the right inventory into each vendor, and set their purchase and sale margins with a few clicks is going to save a huge amount of time in the long run - and the interface I've got should make that hopefully pretty streamlined too.

I've still got to add a few things to items in general - I've not fully implemented item buffs, or item sets with a special bonus for the set, but I think what I've already written will cater for that without much change. I think I can turn back to the engine code itself and work on setting up character stats as a (hopefully) quick interlude before I start looking at buffs in the engine proper.

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