Monday, March 6, 2023

Slots Slots (not the casino tpye) and more Slots! (and Sets)

So, the weekend was a complete write-off, and had another rather long work day today, but I did manage to wrap up and get some nice code done. Nothing exciting, but rather just building on what my last bits were. Making all the different equipment slots work as expected, setting up all the various listeners on the right places and basically wrapping up the equipment/inventory interface for the most part. There's still work to do on the stat changes around items being equipped, but the main functions are being called - I just need to fill them out with all the right checks and updates.

I also decided to at least set up the basics for Item Sets, that lovely concept where if you collect a full item set, you get an extra bonus for your character, which wasn't really a lot more than simply adding in an extra column into the data table (and then updating the various places where it's used and updated) but it's nice to have that in there at least. That of course leaves me with now having to eventually write the code to implement Item Sets.... but that's going to be pretty quick and easy compared to this.

With some luck, tomorrow, I'll get a bit of an item building interface written up for the editor, and start to actually use some of the assets I've bought for items in the game!

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