Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Sound, sound, glorious sound. And a load of other stuff.

So, there's been an utter flurry of activity here on my end. Most fantastically, I managed to implement sound in the game over the last two evenings. Not everywhere yet, but I have some generic sounds happening when they are supposed to happen - but more importantly, I think I've set up a framework to manage sounds that are loaded into one of Android's sound-playing-thiongy-majiggies. Given limited app resources, and sounds taking up a lot of space - and knowing that I actually want a LOT of different sounds, I've devised what I think is a cunning and elegant solution to manage when sound files are loaded up ready to be used, and when they are dropped back out of memory. Right now, it's super cunning as I haven't started to really use it yet, so there's no bugs. But I have good confidence. And I've got sound. It's utterly awesome for the first time hearing pages turn as you swipe through character screens, and coins exchanging hands when you sell stuff. With luck, tomorrow I'll start to set up some more generic and then item sounds. After that abilities and effects.

Now, that's the flashy thing, but I also did come back and fix up my character reset screen to look much better than it was before. I also managed to get in and tweak my editor to handle inserting them into the world. They now work in the app nicely too. Especially as I'm working on testing out classes, I'll need to easily access and reset characters - this will help me when I get there, but also I'll leave a few in the world so you'll be able to test out different builds with characters.

What else.... oh yes. I tweaked a lot of the lighting code and the way that the party light itself is rendered. Lighting that is in a world location, that is basically all the lighting aside from the party and character lights, as stationary, and therefore render exactly the way you'd want them to as you move about. Not so the party light. It was jumping about horribly and looked pretty trashy. I tweaked some code (again, using more memory and some extra processing power) but the party light now shines super smoothly and looks great. At some point, I might consider trying to redo the way I've done the graphics engine, but what's there is good enough for now I think.

So, sounds ahoy over the next few evenings, but generally progress that's really making me happy.

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