Monday, June 10, 2024

Lighting Work Continues

I've managed to get some great code written up around lighting on this lovely day off. I started off by updating the editor interface for items, so that I could set up a light to be attached to an item. With that in place, I threw in some extra general code into the app itself to create new lights if the item contained information on a light, then code that calculates the possible light generated to find the brightest light - then code to update the character light so that if the new light was brighter, it would equip that instead - and finally a copy of that code into the party - so that when you're not in combat, the brightest light you have will be what's used around your party as you travel.

The good news is that it works. The less good news is that I'm not finished, and I had really wanted to be. Currently, if you then un-equip the item with the light you're using, it doesn't sort through and find the next brightest light to use instead. But you know, that's for tomorrow. Really, I'm rather glad I have gotten to where I am this weekend given my ambitious target of getting character and party lighting working.

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