Friday, June 7, 2024

Creature Abilities Interface

Not a huge update this evening, and not one that has any visibility to the end user - that's you - but it has been a really long week with work, so I'm on the knackered end of the spectrum. I finished up my code for the editor that lets me add any ability to any creature this evening. Going to be very useful in the near future as I add in some additional code for combat and when I start to set up some smarts for creatures being able to play the role of healer, or dps or debuff etc which I am looking forward to having enabled.... however...

I think I'll look to player and party lights and lighting next. The graphics engine already supports that, so I think it's just a matter to add the right looksups after I set up the characters with some form of "this character has this light" and with luck, the rest should come reasonably easily - or I'll be happy with "comes without needing a complete rewrite of code in some section". Seriously though, that one's been on my to-do list for well over a year now I think. It's a long weekend here, and while there's stuff to get done about the house, I'll be rather chuffed if I can get seriously stuck into this and bang it out.

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