Thursday, June 6, 2024

Respawning Done

So, got an early start on some code this evening, but as I thought last night, I was rather close with the respawning and quickly managed to solve the last few bits. I cleaned up some code so that character death was dealt with in one method, rather than handled in many small places here and there on the fly as needed (yeah, that was always poorly written the way it was, but that's evolving code on the fly).

I again do however find myself in that "Huh... well, I caught the car... now what am I supposed to do..." mindset as I got further quicker than I expected this evening. Normally when I am here, I look back through my last few posts to find things I meant to get to but didn't - but I am rather at a cul-de-sac here in functionality - so I might use the rest of the evening to work on the editor. When I was giving the spiders their buff so they could ride roughshod over to get em killed off quickly and respawning (seriously, that's annoying having to wait till your party is slowly whittled down in combat to test the feature at the end hah) I did notice that I hadn't finished off the interface for giving creatures abilities nicely. Originally each creature would only have one ability, so the data was kept directly in the same row of data as the rest of the creature info. When I decided to give creatures potentially multiple abilities, I changed the database structure to accommodate that, but never finished off the editor code to do it all. So, long winded way of saying "I just thought of a pretty garbage job that needs doing..." and I can get to it.

Nice clearing my head here as always, while taking a few minutes to regroup into the next plan of action.

Edit: Yeah, in the code for Creature Abilities, realized I have been meaning to work on character  and party lighting for ages. So putting that here for my next "What's next..." And character speed with encumbrance. And Item Durability something something. Right, that's enough for loads of evenings work.

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