Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Respawns Almost There

I managed to get a good bunch covered off today around respawns. I made some updates to the database, added a table, added columns to other tables and then wrote all the editor code to interface with (mostly) everything, so that a repsawn location is nicely baked into the terrain information like spawns, encounters and so on. It seems to be mainly working, though there's a few bugs to still work through.

Good news first, it does teleport you to the respawn location for whatever area you happen to be in. So, depending on where you die, you will respawn where you should. It correctly then re-activates your characters, removes any ill effects finally and their stats start ticking up etc.

What's buggy is that when you next get into another combat your characters start with a "collapsed body" animation, which looks like they're all dead. I think I fixed that, but haven't tested it yet. More importantly (and what distracted me much more) was that the next combat you get into something goes wrong, and the combat doesn't end properly if the monsters kill you again. So clearly I am setting something incorrectly somewhere along the way.

Hopefully tomorrow I crack that nut and move on again. In the meantime, it's rather funny, as to make testing of this quicker, I gave both giant and monstrous spiders a solid glow-up, and those things are just one-shotting all my characters, and also running in from off the screen to maul me which is hilarious - and tells me that if you walk into a zone that's much too high for you, you'll find out about it quick smart indeed as something comes running for a snack.

Good coding evening!

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