Monday, June 3, 2024

Character Deaths and Interface Fixes

I've fixed up a bunch of landscape screens again, so they look and feel much nicer. The main character screen is set up (more than it was before) properly to display the data horizontally, the inventory screen now displays the various sections in the three parts of the screen properly when in landscape mode. I fixed up a few more little details along those lines... then moved on to the next fun bit.

Technically, up until this point, characters didn't really ummm... die. If a characters health hit zero, it would simply start ticking back up again. Super useful for the sort of testing I am doing at the moment, but it also means that I can write code meaningfully for when the party isn't the winner of a combat sequence. So that needed updating too, and I've gone through and made a bunch of updates to the code. Firstly, the game will keep a character "dead" as such and not tick their stats up. Secondly, the code that now checks for whether there are both player characters and creatures in a combat sequence now correctly identifies when there's no characters left standing. I've coded up a basic sequence to put the game back out of combat mode, but haven't added a respawn function quite yet. Still working on the little bits between all that.

But, again, good update on a Monday evening. Work is still ordinary as heck at the moment, so the motivation is certainly sky high to plug away at this.

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