Thursday, June 27, 2024

Character Creation Circle-Back

I started to circle back to some earlier screens as I make sure that everything in the basic functionality is working as it should and... yegads. That was some ugly entry-level "this is my first Android screen daddy!!"  work there.

Safe-Delete. Can't safe delete. Safe-Delete other reference. Can't safe delete that either....Safe Delete next in line.

Do-over time. I have done most of the work now to rebuild the character creation screen interface, and it's much cleaner and neater than it was before. There's a bit more to do, but it's certainly better than it was. I'll bundle that code into the next part, which is giving each character a starting inventory and the like.

Edit: I wrote the above, but got called away and didn't finish the post (or the code). Although work has been super busy, I got some coding time in this evening after dinner and wrapped up some errors.

The result is a much better designed, cleaner character creation screen that properly created the character, syncs to the server and finally adds in all the relevant data without an app restart (which ran a different set of commands when loading em). So. Most of that is great. It's still landing the characters in with no gear at all - which isn't great. I'll need to do something about that. I think that at the time of characters being created, the app already has processed items, so I might be able to get away with creating/equipping the gear without issue. It might be easier however to do it on the server-side instead and simply re-sync the party from the server after creating a new character. I figure that's not going to be happening all that often in the scheme of things once a player has set up their party.

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