Monday, July 1, 2024

Money, money, money!

What an utter maelstrom of a day. Work is crazy at the moment with a lot coming my way, there is a lot to get through at home as well, but I did manage to get some coding in over the last few days. Rather amusingly, even though I have placeholders for cash, and items have a sell value etc, I wasn't actually doing anything with that value. So, it is about time that money made it in. Took a bit to work out where to store it, and I am not entirely sure I've done it spot on in the way I implemented it, but I can work that out later.

Right now, I've been focused on getting some transactions working so that when I buy something from a vendor, it checks to see if I have enough money to buy it on the server as well as the app (I've implemented the server side so far) and when it succeeds, it then updates the party cash correctly. Tomorrow, I'll work on increasing the player cash when they sell something. That should be easier I think as a bunch of the logic exists now to leverage. At the same time, I'll circle back to a few bugs I've got in the code that don't quite get all the interactions right. If you read these often, you'll recall I had an issue with encumbrance when a player split an item stack (and the second stacked item wasn't visible until an app restart). Seeing as I am in the code for these sections, I should be able to find and fix that too I hope.

On the general money note, I am considering a few things which I am currently undecided on. Firstly, should money weigh anything when considering encumbrance. Secondly, if so, should the player have a separate bank and party fund. I do have to say, I am being influenced by one of the earliest MMOs about, namely Ultima Online - and I totally recall running back from one of the dungeons loaded with so much gold coin that my character could not move with it all, so you would literally "pick it up" with the mouse, move it a few tiles in front of you, walk past it, and repeat. Now, that process in itself was utter garbage, but having to manage that added weight was interesting. I've pretty much talked myself out of it as I write this though. It wasn't fun. And if money has no weight, there's no need to have a bank account AND what the characters have in their pockets, unless you lose some coin with a respawn.... which is certainly a possibility. So. Maybe.

In any case. Slow, but constant progress and getting closer and closer now.

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