Sunday, May 12, 2024

Character Skills, Abilities and Passive Effects

I managed to get some nice coding time in this afternoon and evening and the great news is that I did a lot of work around character advancement today. I've got what seems to be a nice algorithm for characters advancing levels with steadily growing XP requirements and such. That seems to work nicely now, and is connected to how many points that character should have available top spend on both stat points as well as skill points. If you've got available points, it will show up in the relevant screens for you to spend. points that are spent increasing stats or buying skills will then be saved to the server nicely and loaded up properly next time you log in.

I spent some time (but didn't crack) passive skills and how I want them to add buffs to the player automatically as they are loaded in from the server. I'm too tired tonight to see if it's not working as things aren't loaded in the app at the time it is expecting them to be, or if there's something else going wrong. My guess is the latter, and I suspect that I'll need to tweak some structure to get it to where it should be. I sort of think it's mostly there, but glitchy.

Anyhow. Great progress again, and it's putting as smile on my dial as I see stuff coming together and starting to click into place more and more.

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