Monday, May 6, 2024

Character Advancement and Levels Progress

I took a different leaf from the book today and worked on character levels, namely character advancement. I've already got places to hook the code in when XP is granted, so it was simple enough to pop in some code there to check whether they had gained enough XP to tick them over - and if so, to give them more mod points to spend on traits.

The good news is that it worked amazingly well - and there's not really any bad news. There were a few teeny bugs for a moment as I patched into code that I hadn't touched for well over a year and I had to remember what things did, but that was quickly sorted and to my great relief (and ever so slight smug feeling) things "just worked".

I will see if I can update the Character Screen to open up "Add Mod Points" buttons when Mod Points are available - which will also tie off initial character creation, where I have those, but want to change it - the user interface is very clunky there.

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