Saturday, November 4, 2023

Combat Panels and Ability Quick Buttons

It's been rather wet and rainy here, so there's good excuses for not working outside this weekend, and yesterday, I made some great progress sorting out the various displays and panels that need to appear and disappear when combat is happening. I started off by doing some work in the layout files, streamlining everything as half of them were in one format, a bunch in another, and it was all very very messy - just like I'd written it in little bits and pieces without having a grand final UI in mind when I did it. Sort of EXACTLY like that.

So, anyway, that's all working pretty much just how I want it now, I noticed there's one panel that needs some information displayed on it when an action is selected, but that's easy as pie.

I've also created the tables and interfaces needed to both save abilities to quick slots for characters when they're created, and reload them back up from the server and put them back in when the game reloads up again. It's nice to see stuff coming in without having to be set up all the time. Just another one of those expected UI features that we don't really pay much attention to when playing the final product.

So, with that, it's reasonably early, and I have a good day of code planned. I'll finish up that Ability Display, which should be a brief bit of code, then just into the abilities again, setting up stuff to work with more different modes of the various abilities. With some luck, I'll have something to post much later tonight.



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