Friday, October 6, 2023

The Rock and the Wall

I'll start by admitting that it's been a long time between updates. Then I'll follow up with it being rather frustrating from my end. Then it grew into me questioning my abilities. And eventually, finally, inevitably, I managed to get done what I wanted to get done.

With the combat rewrite, I thought I was done. But.... but... I had an issue in that the creatures were pathing like they were all the same size footprint, and that meant that sometimes things would seemingly walk THROUGH either other combatants, or through terrain etc. So I thought I'd change a few things, and easily make the pathing algorithms work nicely for creatures that took up larger battlefield footprints. I thought I'd do that quickly and easily, after all, I'd already done the hard part. I was wrong.

But, again, with the but. I did eventually work out all the things I had issues with. and the game now nicely paths creatures, understands their size, how to get to places - where things can reach, even if it's from a corner of their footprint past other things and so on.

So, circling back to the title of this silly little post. I don't know if I'm the rock and the code is the wall, or the other way about, but I know that I finally cracked the problems and the game is sooooo much better for it now. 

Now I get to round out items to cater for the changes I've made, circle back to making sure that all those stats are correctly understood when items are equipped and un-equipped and then, start focusing on some skills/abilities and how the game will handle planning what to use and when, but where to apply each skill to the best effect.

Oh, almost forgot, been using the brains trust again in terms of how spells are going to be acquired and how they'll function. More on that later, but it's delightful to have that nicely planned out in my head at least, so thanks (in alphabetical order)
Brett, Chris, Dylan, Evan and Nathan!

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