Monday, September 25, 2023

Render Engine Scaling Bugs Fixed

This afternoon, I cracked it with some bugs in the graphics engine when it was rendering creatures that were not a standard size. There was also an issue that had been nagging at me as it didn't appear that all animations were offset correctly, and I'd done a lot of work in the editor to make sure that they were spot on with the optimisation.

So, around two hours of bug fixes and the engine correctly displays all animations with the right offsets and so on, and secondly, it renders larger animated objects in the exact spot where I want to see them based on their location - where previously it was "there or thereabouts" but not incorrect enough for me to chase it.

I figured that as I was about to start tweaking the combat code to deal with creatures that are considerably larger than the average thing, I should be able to see it properly first. So that's done.

Oh, and I made the red active circle scale top the active creature size, whatever it is.

Tomorrow, back into combat logic to now get these things working as they should.

Oh. Also. Had a great chat with Brett and Nath on spells, skills and progression and what that should look like. I'm much happier with the way it's sitting in my head now after having a good chat!

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