Thursday, October 26, 2023

Artwork Upgrade

I took a break from trying to write code at pace, and replaced it with a long evening of generative AI renders. From that rather tiring effort, I've got....  an okay..... set of character portraits to be used. It seems that some things generate easier than others, so I might revisit some of this to try to tweak and improve what's there, but it's better than the random pixel art assets I've been using up until this point.

There's fifty images for each race, which really probably is enough to get the ball rolling on this one. 

Oh yeah, and I spent a good bit of time preparing effect/ability animations to start loading them up into the system. Thank goodness for good command line instructions from ImageMagick which saved me countless hours stitching individual animation images into a single long file that will be able to be input into the animation editor I've got.

This evening, the plan is to either work on more skill-tree layouts, or get back into the code again working to grow abilities out more. Either will be good and fun to get done.

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