Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Abilities, Animations and Area-of-Effect

Got in some good coding last night, wrapping up basically at midnight, but I have some great fruits for my labour. I've got abilities working well enough now using both melee and ranged deliveries. On top of that, I managed to get AOE abilities working as expected and even managed to get the code to show ability animations nicely. There's code to fill out yet, as I want some effects to fall off with their AOE, and I've got some more ability shapes to code up, but that's filling in colour where there are already outlines.

These animations will work perfectly well for spells, I can use them for damage-over-time effects on individual actors and a bunch more useful stuff. I've got the code scaling them automatically to the size needed and they neatly delete themselves once they've done their animations, so performance is not impacted too much.

Loads more to do, but it's really good to see some visual progress in the game!

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