Thursday, September 14, 2023

By George!.... I think.... I've....

I have managed to get some really productive code written after I finished up work today. It's all been about creature logic and pathing. I've got some reasonably "not terrible" pathing set up now, working with the threat that I'd set up over the last few days - so creatures now move to target what they are most worried about in a combat as far as their move will allow them, and if they are in combat range, will attack with a melee attack and pass the activation over to the next character/monster in the fight.

So, the short and long of it, is that I think I've gotten the hardest bits working now. Deadset celebration time this evening. 

There's still some things to validate, as the monsters don't appear to be doing any damage to characters - though I think that is more likely just a lack of actual data in their creature profiles.

I'll need to add in more logic steps still, so that things will look to see if they can attack via ranged attacks, and do all that, but the goal for tonight, was to implement creatures using pathing to avoid obstacles/monsters/characters to get to where they want to get to - and for the most part, that seems to be working nicely.

I'll post something more thorough when I tie up the few loose ends!

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