Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Scarebear (Or... you know... Combat Threat)

I put in a good few hours this evening working on threat and how all the creatures (and eventually player characters if desired) would work out threat and what's the best thing to attack for them. Loads of new functionality that is going to work quietly in the background and hopefully no player wi,ll ever have to think about it too much, but things will do hopefully reasonably smart things when you're playing against them.

I am finishing up tonight halfway (which means started, but not complete - has no true indication of how far complete this section is) through getting the code working out the best path for a monster to use getting from it's current location to the thing it wants to attack the most.

Hopefully a better update tomorrow or the day after when this bit is working, but there's a few cogs in this system to work through!

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