Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Realms (Zones) and Encounters Starting to Function

Having recently rounded off some corners nicely on complex animation objects, I've connected those new goodies to encounters (or spawn for lack of a better word) and then updated all the interfaces and places where I need to make those work. Next thing to do has been updating some really really old placeholder code how Realms/Zones work in the game and what they mean to the app itself.

So far, I've only ever had a rough placeholder object holding the fort so to speak as the app went through unit testing in other functionality. The time to finally start to connect all these dots (and update to real code) has come, and I've been working to roll out the right interfaces in the editor to be able to create new realms along with all the things that they need to store, such as ambient light, possible weather, and (finally connecting back to how I started this post update) encounters, how many can spawn, what types of things pop up and the chances of each. I'm still working on all the code that handles this, but it is coming together nicely and the app is happily lapping it all up quickly and easily - and it's damned nice to see the new features coming to life in the app, both in new updates to the code and old code that was sitting there waiting for real data to finally come flowing through.

I'm expecting a rather long work day tomorrow, but hopefully on Friday and over the weekend, I'll be able to really dot the i's and cross the t's on some of this stuff and start to work on the world editor to actually implement a proper way to create/enter/stuff the realmID connected to how that part of the world should behave and what it can do.

Yes, the party model in that screenshot is a giant spider. 'Cause I was testing that model out, and what better way to do so, than to see the party skittering about on eight legs. I also need to circle back, create some more animation models to use, connect them to some stuff and start to drop them about so I can start to work on the creature/encounter brains a bit more. 

Yes, today is another day where I realize the sheer scope in deciding to write a serious game start to finish solo (and I nod, grit my teeth and look to the destination, past the current pain) and crack a bit of a grin.

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