Sunday, June 18, 2023

Party and Monster Animations Update

So, first off, I am keenly aware that it's been a good while since I updated, and that's not for lack of trying to get good work done, but mainly due to work (the one that pays the bills) being very demanding of late, resulting in a good few late nights working on that rather than code. Coupled with what I'm currently doing which has been very limited in showing updates, it's been rather a dry spell.

Moving on to better news however, I've been plugging away as much as I can and what I've gotten working is great. Following up from the animations code I had written up, I've written the editor interface to create animated objects as collection of individual animations and pass that through to the app, along with all the individual optimised animation files and written up the code to assemble it all in the app into a coherent content driven class.

Changing into non-technical-nerd-speak, that all means that I can import assets nicely and assign them to either the player party/characters or monsters (though still have a few lines of code to write there) and the app will create/use the correct animation files to render, along with all the required actions and so on. The screenshot shows the party using a spider animation while I was testing things out, and it move delightfully about in all the directions etc. It's taken a while to get here in terms of code, but I am now on the brink of having the ability to import and use various assets in the game in a completely streamlined and simple process - and all while no longer having to pull each individual animation frame from the server, but rather storing the main assets directly in the app.

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