Friday, June 23, 2023

Realms (Zones) and Spawn Rates Editor Interface Complete

In another update of what's boring to everyone except me, I rounded out the code for the editor interface to setting up Realms nicely, from the various lighting and weather effects for each area to setting up a spawn table as needed. I've still got to process all this out into the app, but that should hopefully be the easy part tomorrow. I'll still have to add some bits for item spawns in an area - as well as circling back when I properly integrate monsters into this equation - but that's going to be easier and quicker than what's been done on this currently.

So, weekend plans for the code are to try to have the app correctly picking up all the data for zones properly, cobble up a few more animated objects to be able to completely purge the old placeholders in the app for the party model etc. Anything above that will be sweet.

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