Sunday, April 30, 2023

Effects (Good and Bad) Just Ticked Over

So there's a goddam amazing pun in that title, and after the head-scratcher of a day I've had trying to make this as elegant as I can, it's a needed pun. In Torn Realms, most damage and effects (eg, healing, buffs, debuffs) will come as a DOT effect. These effects will tick over inline with the game ticks that constantly happen in the world. I've been getting the objects right to support that today, and yesterday and scratching my head before that about how I was going to do it). 

Right. Nerdgasm aside, I think I've got the right structures in place  to support the types of effects I want in the game, and I've got a random bunch of stuff working in my unit testing to prove it - and it is delightfully interacting with the HUDs and character stats I'd previously done. So, things are clicking into place nicely.

There's still a lot of work to do with effects, I need to drop icons on the right character, show the right effect on the overview, update the text output and the like, but there's certainly a milestone here - effects create, interact with characters (or the party as a whole) and then wear off as needed and dissipate. It's downhill from here I think.

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