Thursday, April 13, 2023

Character Stats, Android Views and Game Ticks

I managed to get some really good code wrapped up today. Actually, wrapped up may be a bit of a developer's stretch term. I worked out my algorithms for how many health/hit points characters get (in terms of how the stats determine the numbers) along with Action and Mana. I did the same for a bunch of other various stats for each character, like how quickly things regenerate and managed to connect that to the main game cycle, so that characters do regenerate these things over time. 

I even managed to get some code done that connects that back to the main android activity showing all these things nicely and got that delightful rush as things worked without too much debugging for once as I fired things up. It might not be a huge thing to look at in terms of final output on screen, but there's a lot going on there now that wasn't going on yesterday, so this is great.

I think next steps will be to write up some editor code to introduce buffs into the database, then look to bring them into the android code and start trying to work out how to connect them to what I wrote today - which should in theory for hand-in-glove but things rarely seems to work out that nicely. We'll see.

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