Monday, February 27, 2023

Character (Paperdoll) Equipment

Today was certainly a long day. One of those, I woke up mentally not ready for work, but you know, work pays the bills. So I spent the day doing that, then went for a quick walk to try to perk my brain up (moderately successful there) and then got into what I thought would work with my tired brain while my wife went to choir practice. Cutting up assets for the UI paperdoll. I managed to get that done quicker than I thought, had to put my image editing skills to use as I was short a UI asset for arrows/ammo. It's not perfect, but I'll chalk it up as good enough and matching the other assets I've purchased.

So, that left me to implement all the stuff in the right UI snippets and then to try to incorporate my new changes into the various code sections that were running.

Short version: The UI now knows what it is displaying, whether it is looking to equip items from the inventory to the character, or whether it is looking to trade between characters. That might sound unbelievably obvious, and it is to us, but to android code, that's rather a novel idea. So anyhow, I'm happy with that. 

With some luck, tomorrow I can get the code written to equip/unequip the items and show them on the paperdoll interface.

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