Friday, May 24, 2024

Teleports & Location-Swaps working

A rather productive Friday evening it has been. I've managed to expand the code that deals with special combat events, and successfully set up the code to handle both abilities that will teleport the user to a specific location, as well as the similar functionality for an intercept/protect ability that will swap two characters in locations.

There was a hiccup as I was testing, and sometimes things were working, and sometimes they weren't - and I could not for the life of me work out why that was the case for a while - until I looked into the database and saw that there was a column there that wasn't part of my editor interface, and I'd manually populated it, and my app code was already using it - a friend-or-foe percentage (which is rather cool really) but for my test ability, I'd already set it to 25%. Meaning that it would only hit an ally 25% of the time... so yeah, explains why it was sometimes working in testing, but mainly not...

Anyways.... the important part is that the RIGHT part of the code is functioning, which is rather cool indeed. Another two special case combat events handled nicely.

No code expectations tomorrow, but over the rest of the weekend, I'd love to tweak a few app layouts. I need a "cancel" button/thing on the menu that pops up to add a new ability to a hotkey, and there's a few similar and annoying things that I've been noticing as I test things that I should fix, and they are pretty discrete from other larger bits of code, so make for good candidates in a busy weekend.

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