Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Bugfixes and Gaps

So yeah, been a bit of a tough one today. I did get some early wins with a few fixes and layout changes, but the third thing I was getting stuck into is only half fixed at best.

First up, when clicking on a character ability slot, when the view opens showing all their available skills, there's now a "Cancel" button, meaning you can just click it to revert back to the previous view - without setting a new ability. I should also put in a "Clear ability" button there too. Maybe tomorrow. So that's done, working as needed. Chalk up a W.

Next up, I fixed the layout for the Protection Tree to have a viable Portrait and Landscape mode. That basically meant a lot of changes to the XML for the landscape mode. Takes a while, but easy enough. Chalk up another W.

Finally, when testing the new landscape mode, I discovered a bug where changing the orientation led to ummmm.... "dumb stuff(tm)" happening. So that started a decent sized journey to try to resolve that. Normally it's not a issue, but the skill trees are in fragments, and I don't really truly understand what's going on there, or with state changes, so it's been a bit of a muddling journey to try to get it working. I'd like to think I am mainly there, but it's still not quite, quite right. So a job for tomorrow. Put that L on the chalkboard.

Anyhow, progress. And I was always going to have to work through this, so I've got a good few hours done in what was always going to take this long.

Edit: So, as I was having a shower before bed last night, I thought I might have cracked the problem of what was going wrong, and a few minutes of code this morning, did indeed confirm that. Orientation changes are working properly in the Character Skill Tree views, and I learned a bit more about how Android functions in the process. Or better understood what I'd read at some point. Anyhow. Shower Programming Thoughts - great as always.

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