Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Conversations and Early Layouts Polished

I got a bit side tracked with some code this evening, but am, really happy with the outcome. I have been meaning to circle back to some of the earliest layouts I've done and tweak and polish them up a bit, so today I ended up doing that instead of what I was planning to do. There were a good few various bug fixes along the way, but the main output is that conversations now happen looking a lot neater than they were before. There's no more horrid title bars in the screen (that's gone from a number of layouts now) but additionally there's a different layout for portrait and landscape modes which looks a lot better than it did before. Additionally, I've tweaked the way NPC images are processed, so the images will be proper art, rather than pure pixel-characters. It's both more and less work in different ways, but it certainly looks better than some of the early NPC images I'd been able to create/purchase.

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