Saturday, December 9, 2023

Usable Items, Abilities and General Bug Fixes

I've been working this week on really trying to round out all the interactions with items in the character's inventories, as well as trying to clean up random bugs that are nearby to those actions - and it's been really successful!

The code now works nicely for items that are used and provide an effect, so healing potions, elixirs and such things, and I was up really early this morning working through the last bits of code I didn't get finished last night on items that teach a character an ability - so basically, spell scrolls. I do need to still insert some checks so that players don't waste scrolls on characters that will never be able to use them, and I've not really thought through what's going to happen around potential skill resets and how that works with learned spells.... but that's another day.

And bugs. Wow. Bugs bugs bugs. I've been generally ignoring bugs that have been show-stoppers in terms of crashing the game, but I've been going through and fixing a whole bunch of bugs while I've been working on this, so a lot of stuff is less broken... no, less dented and beat up. There's still certainly some bugs that I know of and I'll get to fixing them when I think the time is right, but for now, I can continue and develop some more functionality again, which just feels great. 

I should fix up my editor interfaces to really contain all these changes, as I patched at best to get the functionality I needed, but it means that I can't create a new item without manually changing a few things in the database after it's made. It'll work from there, but that might be my task for today.

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