Saturday, October 21, 2023

Ability Quick (Buttons) Keys

Android has once again reminded me, that while I think my coding ability is good, I shouldn't forget that Android can give me a swifty kick in the naughties when and how it pleases.

The good news, however is that as of now, I have a combat tileset of quick action (buttons) keys that can be easily customised for every character based on their abilities, and when set up, these will enact (as much as the code is written currently) the ability for that action to take place and happen. They are nice and easy to set up, and I'll work in some nice way to prompt the player what to do if they're new in case it's not completely obvious. I might even just make it a text prompt if they click an empty tile.

Anyhow, with that good news out of the way, I can wind up for the night, and tomorrow get into a bit of setting up more ability functionality - selecting other targets, working in ability ranges perhaps even. And I think I need to add in some simple code to load up an ability that is going to be delivered with a melee (or ranged) attack and then apply it when the character makes that attack, or wipe it out if they get to the end of the activation and haven't used it yet. Oh, and I need to save these abilities that have been set up to the database, so I can load them back in when the game is loaded back.

tl;dr - good solid progress.

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