Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Small Encounter Code Interface Update

Amusing random rant. If I had a dollar for every time I type the variable as encounter and NOT encoutner, I'd certainly have enough money to get some additional assets. Android studio is fine, as that calls it out straight away, but all my other code and IDEs... not as much helpful thanks.

Anyhow, rant in the rear-view mirror, I didn't get an awful lot done, but I did manage to fix up my editor interface, and all the other places in the app/connectors to allow me to specify how many creatures an encoutner.... no... encounter will contain. It's kinda nice to see it in action, but what it means, is that I can set up a list of say forest creatures and define that a wandering monster only contains one item of the list (say a wolf, or a deer, but not one of each) while then creating an encounter for goblins saying pick 2-3 of a lilst of various Goblin creatures so that the encounter might contain a Goblin Scout, some Goblin Savages and a Goblin Shaman all in one encounter.

I'm rather scratching my head at why I didn't create this from the start, but I am guessing I was planning to have it performed via the individual creature quantities for each spawn possibility. This lets me do both now, which is better-er-er.

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