Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Zone Spawns starting to function nicely

I managed to get some good upgrades done to the encounters and zones code over the last few nights. The server database now stores all the correct game info with encounters, zones and chances of each thing spawning in there. I've managed to start connecting other things nicely too, so for example, I set up a test of a "Giant Spider" as well as a "Monstrous Spider" and set each encounter to use the same animation model, but render them differently depending on which one it is, and that worked a charm too.

I think tomorrow I'll start on Monsters directly in the editor, as that's the next thing I'll need to connect through to the encounters code I currently have. The editor should be able to then determine for me the right model to use for each encounter and so on, replacing the manual selections I did - or probably just prompting for one and letting it be over-written. I'm not completely certain, but there might be a few minor bug fixes to resolve in terms of the EXACT screen locations that models are rendered to - bot sure if all the correct information about offsets and scaling is making it's way through to all the right places - but that's going to be hopefully quick.

Lastly, I gave the app a session on the profiler, and it seems to be ticking along very nicely, maintaining a consistent memory footprint, similarly, on my physical device, it's running at a nice respectable framerate. Always a brown-pants moment after major code changes to check if things got screwey, and always a relief when things work nicely.

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