Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Rudimentary Combat Mode

After wrapping up work today, I managed to get some really good coding time in and have a super rudimentary combat mode starting to work! 

Building on what I was up to last night, I've managed to connect the characters to movement through the action buttons in each direction, set them up as they are available, skip them if you can't move/attack in a direction and so on.

I also managed to connect these things to the rendering engine, so when a character chooses to move in a direction, it shows the right animations and so on. With that skeleton code in place, adding things like attacks and other stuff should come easily enough I think. I still have written nothing on the monster logic though, and while I've got a half decent idea of some of the functionality I would like them to have in terms of understanding their own abilities, using things well and so on, that's a long way off actually having them do all that. The good news is that all this is running with no impact to the framerate on the physical device. So there's some winning in the tally for this evening!

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