Saturday, July 22, 2023

It's Actually Starting To Work

I fixed up and tweaked a few small things in the code today, such as lighting transition speed from zone to zone but the highlight actually came when I used the new editor functionality to paint the right zone information into the Floren Cave system entrance, set up some spawns to happen in there, and took my party in there for a run.

And.... things just worked nicely. Spiders spawned where they were supposed to spawn, they wandered about where they were supposed to wander about, the lighting did what it was supposed to do in this cave system. 

I did notice a slight bug in rendering of animations when they are scaled, but I think I'll be able to sort that out without too much hassle. Right now, I'm just enjoying things working nicely. Oh, and I tested on the actual handset, and nothing has impacted the framerate, so all still working nicely.

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